Field Trips and Walks with Guides

used by permission John Hession

Tawas Point State Park Guided Walks and Helping Birder Stations
Friday and Saturday, May 18 and 19

  • 7:00 to 10:00 AM – Bird Banding (no registration required)
    (Weather permitting) Look for the mist nets along the sidewalk to the campground on the end near the gift shop.
  • 8:00 to Noon – Helping Birder Stations– Local birders show and share information on birds being seen right now. (no registration required)Feeder Seating Area near the parking lot
    • Start of the Two Track Trail near the Lighthouse
    • The Bench by the Bay on the sidewalk to the campground on the end near the gift shop (Note: This will overlap with the bird banding)
  • Guided Walks
    Registration Required. See Registration Page for Details: here
  • Chestnut sided warbler
    by Moira Maus
  • All guided walks at Tawas Point State Park will gather at the gift shop near the lighthouse to start. Arrival a few minutes before official start time would be appreciated. Guides will lead walks simultaneously with a maximum of 12 per group. Refer to maps page
  • 7:00 to 9:30 AM
    • The Two Track Trail – Groups A and B
    • The campground and beyond
  • 8:00 to 9:00 AM
    • Beginning Birder walk – Maximum 8
      Greater Yellowlegs
      by Moira Maus
  • 10:00 to Noon
    • The Two Track Trail – Groups C and D
    • The campground and beyond

Car Pool Field Trips to Birding Hot-Spots in Iosco County

– All car pools begin and end at The Bay Inn on US -23, 1020 Lake Street, Tawas City, about one and a half miles south of M-55/ US -23 stoplight, The Bay Inn is on the west side of the road, away from Lake Huron.

  • Field Trips will be limited to 12 participants to assure best communication with guides.
  • See Logistics and Maps page at (link) for locations
  • Register for trips on the Registration page.
  • Please come to the Bay Inn at least 15 minutes before departure to coordinate car-pooling

Thursday – May 17

  • 6:30 to 9:00 PM – Tuttle Marsh at Dusk
  • 8:00 to 10:00 PM – Whip-poor-wills in the Dark
    Eastern Whip-poor-will by Phillip Odum

Friday and Saturday – May 18 and 19

  • 7:00 to 11:30 AM – Loon Lake Nature Park Trail, Hale
  • 7:00 to 11:30 AM – Sunrise Coast Birding Trail Sites, Oscoda
  • 7:00 to 11:30 AM – Kirtland’s Warblers and other birds, Oscoda
  • 6:30 to 9:00 PM – Tuttle Marsh at Dusk
  • 8:00 to 10:00 PM – Whip-poor-wills in the Dark

Free Kirtland’s Warbler Car Pool Tours after the Migration on May 20 and 21, June 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30

Kirtland Warbler
by Moira Maus
  • Call Camp Inn Lodge for reservations 989-739-2021.
  • Professional Guides: Sam Burckhardt or Matt Hegwood
  • Brought to you by AuSable Valley Audubon (AVA), AVA member donations, Northeast Michigan Council of Governments and Giving Tuesday donors.

All field trips involve walking. The car pools have walking upon arrival at site. Tawas Point State Park does have extensive sidewalks and asphalt parking lots that are handicap accessible, but no tours are designed for persons with limited mobility. The State Park has a vehicle entrance feeSee,4570,7-153-10365_55798_73477_73478—,00.html for more information.