Upcoming Field Trips

DATE           TIME         EVENT/LOCATION                   LEADER

 ALL TBA events will be advertised to current members via email.

The PDF of our schedule of events is available here: 2017-18 AVA Program

Great Backyard Bird Count – February 15-17 info at gbbc.birdcount.org, or call Peggy Ridgway 739-5674

March – no field trip, however  consider registering to attend Mackinaw Straits Raptor Watch the first weekend in April. Check it out ! mackinawraptorfest.org

May – AVA members and guests field trip to Loon Lake, date yet to be determined. Tawas Point Birding Festival May 16 through the 18th.

June – Saturday mornings,  Kirtland’s Warbler Tours, free to all.  Each tour limited to 10 people. Car pool with professional guide to National Forest site near Oscoda, MI. For more info text Arnie Lariche 989-255-0698. Reservations made at Camp Inn Lodge at 989-739-2021.

August– date to be determined for the annual ‘A Swift Night Out’  in Tawas. Watch the Chimney Swifts swirl into their migratory roost