Tree planting at Tawas Point Park

Tree planting at Tawas Point State Park April 30, 2022

AuSable Valley Audubon continued its third year of tree planting at Tawas Point State Park this year. The first year we planted 100 jack pine seedlings along the two-track out to the point. Last year we planted 12 4-5’ white and red oaks in the campground and this year we again planted in the campground: 10 3-4’ linden or basswood trees. Larry VanWagoner picked up the trees we special ordered from the Alcona County Conservation District tree sale. They were all in good shape except for one tree with no roots longer than an inch. The others had roots up to two feet long. We planted them all and will keep our fingers crossed on the first one.

Six AVA volunteers planted along with four park staff members. Most of the holes were in pure sand below the sod. A couple lucky trees actually had dirt in the hole. After planting we mulched each tree with wood chips while Larry made a wire cage held up by rerod – mainly to make the trees more visible to campers backing up trailers. Then a kitty litter container with two holes in the bottom was placed inside the cage and filled with water. Larry and his wife, Sue Duncan, have agreed to water the trees again this year – weekly! It’s quite a commitment on their part. We’re anxiously waiting for the trees to leaf out so we know they’re alive. – Patsy Mortimer

Park staff and AVA volunteers plant basswood trees in the campground at Tawas Point State Park.

Pictured: Staff, Kathleen Swindlehurst, Tim Morand, Dee Morand, Staff, Staff

John Gontarek and Larry Van Wagoner put final touches on the cage for the basswood tree which has wood chip mulch and a slow-release watering bucket, AKA a kitty litter container.
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Highway Trash Pickup

On 4/27/2022 these hardy 19 AuSable Valley Audubon volunteers, picked 22 bags of highway trash along M-55 west of Tawas.

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Free Seminars

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An adventure with AuSable Valley Audubon

15t Spring Birding Event

Tawas Point State Park, MI

NO pre-registration is necessary, registration

is only available on Fri. & Sat. at the

registration table near the Tawas Point


Local birding guides will be available at

multiple stations throughout Tawas Point

(free to all) 8 am-12 pm Fri and Sat.

Information will be available for birding

spots in Hale, Oscoda, Tawas City, and East

Tawas, such as Tuttle Marsh, largo

Springs, Lumberman’s Monument, and the

Scenic River Road Byway.

Tell Discussions and updating of bird sighting

lists will take place near the Lighthouse on

Fri. & Sat. at noon & 5 pm.

Unfortunately, NO Kirtland’s Warbler ‘

tours will be provided.

Visit us at



Tawas Point, located on the Northeast Michigan

shore of Lake Huron is a natural birding hot spot in

the Spring as migrating birds follow the shoreline

to summer nesting habitats. Songbirds, water birds

and raptors all may be seen at this location and

throughout loco County principally in May.

Since 2006, uSable Valley Audubon has hosted a

Spring birding event to celebrate nature with

fellow birding enthusiasts. This event has attracted

participants from across the US and internationally.

Michigan Audubon promoted and organized this

event for many years. The expertise provided and

their depth of involvement with the local chapter

was a huge influence on its continued success.

Since 2018 the local chapter, uSable Valley

Audubon has been the sole organizing entity.

The present event at Tawas Point State Park offers

casual birding for birders of all levels. Participants

will find friendly and helpful local birders available

at various key areas to interact one-on-one and to

answer questions about local amenities, other

nearby hot spots, and bird identification.

Go to for further

information on the May 13-15, 2022 event.,

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Oak tree planting at Tawas point

12 oak trees planted at TAwas Point State Park loop #3 on Sat. May 8. Thanks to 8 hard working members.

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Bill Roth 23 April had some nice sightings today. I traveled down to Pinconning Park and Nayanquing Pt in Linwood . A Wilson’s Snipe, a Great Horned Owl with Owlets in an old Baldie nest (very hard to photo because over 1/4 mile away), Blue winged Teal ( many), Flock of 15 American White Pelicans, Yellowlegs and something I never expected, a Tri colored Heron. Didn’t realize how small they are. I saw it feeding along bay shore and then it flew up onto a dead ash. Was posing for me for several minutes and able to get very close to the Heron. If anyone is traveling downstate, try to hit this area right now, many birds. Just contact me and will give you directions and try to be of help.

Photo by Bill Roth
Photo by Bill Roth
Photo by Bill Roth
Photo by Bill Roth
Photo by Bill Roth

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Story of owlet saved at Greenbush Golf course by David & Ruth Golm. Owlet discovered along roadside while walking. After many phone calls the ARK group in St. helen suggested to build a cage around it to protect from predators & hopefully mom would return to feed & save. Beach towel was used to move into cage & help protect from 20 degree night temps. Owlet survived night, but NO sign of mom visit. So at 4pm Golm’s transported Owlet to Tawas for ARK rep to return to rehab area for future growth. Chick gobbled down 4 mice once in new transport cage. Hope it will survive & be returned to Gbgcpro in the near future.

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May Meeting May 11th

The May meeting will be at the Warrier Pavillion on Van Ettan Lake
Annual Potluck and elections.
Please RSVP attendance to:
Dawn Hooper:

Summer field trips: August 10 @ Glennie Library “Wildflowers at the Labyrinth” 10 am

TBA Tour Osprey Platforms

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Great Backyard Bird Count 2021

Join us February 12-15, 2021

Northern Cardinals by Debbie Schirmer

Count one or all four days in your backyard, neighborhood, woodland or along river corridors.

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Potluck August 18, 2020 4pm

We will have a potluck get together on August 18 around 4pm.
South shelter area at Oscoda Beach Park.

Meeting at 4 eat at 5.
Bring chair, own service & beverage.
Masks & folding chair needed.
Making decisions on AVA role during COVID-19 situation.


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