Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “migrant trap?”

A geographical feature, in this case, Tawas Point, that is favorably situated along the migration route creating the concentration of a variety of birds in a small geographical area is a migrant trap. This leads to exceptional birdwatching.

What is the weather likely to be?

Although May is a sunny month, we know that during this time of year any off-lake breeze will be cold. Since Tawas Point is surrounded on three sides by Lake Huron, it will probably be chilly at least part of the time. You need to be prepared not only for chill, but also for heat and rain. Protect yourself from sunburn whether the sun comes out or not. The birds, by the way, do not care about the weather. They are on their way to their breeding grounds and nothing is going to stop them.

What is an IBA?

An IBA (Important Bird Area) is a site providing essential habitat to one or more species of breeding, wintering and/or migrating birds. We are proud that Tawas Point Birding Festival features three IBA’s: Kirtland’s Warbler Habitat, the lower AuSable River, and Tawas Point itself.

What do I need to go birding?

Binoculars and a field guide are the only required equipment for a birder. The company of other good birders can be a real advantage.