Sandhill Crane field trip on Sunday 11/6

Dear AVA Members,

Let’s do the Sandhill Crane visit while the weather is nice. 🙂   Sunday, November 6th we will meet at the gas station on M-55 and Sage Lake Road at 3:00 to car pool to the International Café. (The gas station is 6 miles west of M-65) We will meet about 8-10 Thunderbay Audubon folks for dinner at the Cafe’.  Isn’t it great they are coming all this way to see the birds!?!

 If you choose not to do the dinner tell me in your response. Then I can  give you directions to the birding site and a later time to meet at the gas station as well as names of others who may also want to just see the birds  Less cars is better than lots of cars as parking is very limited and the road narrow. Please do not show up with only one or two in your car. Thanks!  🙂

I will  also share names for those planning to attend dinner and see the cranes afterward. I will confirm getting your response and then Saturday late afternoon email again with names for each area.

Sunset is about 5:15pm so at 4:45 we will want to be at the alfalfa field on Mills Road watching the birds.

It is supposed to be mostly clear and in the 40’s, but this is Michigan (right?) and it is a pretty open area; so layers, hats and gloves as well as binoculars might be welcome.

Watch for an email on Sunday morning confirming or cancelling.  Larry and I will go check out the birds Saturday evening… just to be sure they are still there!

Please respond to (as soon as possible) so I can let the restaurant know we are going to descend on them!  And let YOU know with whom you might car  pool.   989-701-5471 cell, or 989-362-2522 home.


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