Wonderfully Successful M-55 Cleanup

Great Volunteers Keep Doing Good

I think we had a record number of volunteers for the M-55 Road Clean Up on May 3, 2017!  This is so wonderful as at first it looked like only eight were going to be able to help. Four new to the AVA road cleaning experience and fourteen returnees; some  are seven year veterans of AVA clean up efforts.  The total?  Eighteen volunteers!!! IMGP2683-web

After a few safety reminders and getting geared up with vests and bags the crew got to work for about an hour.  The teams covered two miles of M-55, both sides of the road, and an additional really trashy two sides of south Sand Lake Road.  South Sand Lake leads to the transfer station for Grant Township which means lots of trash blown out of tucks and trailers on the way to disposal. That was a bonus gift to mother nature since it was only possible because of our enthusiastic and numerous crew!    Trash Total? Twenty-two bags.  (Probably not a record as the first year we had lots and lots of trash, too.)

Great finds?  A GMC logo, a mattress box spring, a one dollar bill (dirty but intact) amazing car part pieces, a couple really long boards and one pair of white lacy undies!! (Honest!)

Afterwards most folks enjoyed some tasty roll ups, soup and cheese for lunch, followed by delicious brownies. The first Indigo Bunting of the season appeared at our feeders, along with assorted other birds.  They were a part of the entertainment as was much congenial conversation.  Thanks to all who were able to help!!


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